Enjoy the mile walk along the riverbank to Allendale



Take the side path up through Deneholme Woods

Steps down to the bridge over the Philip Burn

Playground and skate park in the Recreation Ground by Allendale Village Hall

Enjoy the stone-built houses and traditional doors and features in Allendale - there are over 200 listed buildings, railings etc in Allendale

Butchers and take away lunch pies etc

The Allendale Co-op has everything

The King's Head and Golden Lion pubs

The Tar Barr'ls festival on New Year's night is one of Allendale's traditions - for 200 or 2000 years, depending on the story - where local guisers carry barrels of burning tar on their heads in a procession around the village before throwing them on a bonfire in the market place. 

Natural Beauty and gifts

The Market Place post office grocery and takeaway food lunchtimes and on evenings at the weekend

Jude at her oven in the Market Place

Allendale Forge Studios, gallery, shop with locally made art and craft items ... and cafe

The Allendale Inn

Walking down the hill af the Allendale Inn, you pass the Museum of Classic Sci-fi

Walk down the Peth 

to the path to the right

that leads back down to the riverside path

Hurry up..

The entry to the Blackett Level lead mines, part of the mining where the North Pennines produced a sixth of the world's lead. The mines were very cleverly engineered to make use of the terrain so that water drained out by gravity.

A millenium project installed a number of sculptures along the path, including this troll under the bridge

And the troll's view of the bridge

One of the millenium seats

Wild garlic

and nosy cattle in the field alongside

Back to Allen Mill bridge, where locals gather to look at the sea trout jumping the weir in the late autumn

Cross the bridge to see the remains of the lead smelting historic site at Allen Mill, have a coffee and look at the crafts in Coffee and Kuriosities, or a look at the new Gallery

Admire the latest artwork on Allendale Brewery vans

A peep at the Swift Bordeaux sales caravan going back up the road

and back to the park

Elf artists and architects have been at work on the path along the East Allen

Elf1 Large

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