The digger of holes looking right at home

It's as if Covid-19 has given the rabbits superpowers - they are everywhere, despite a contractor doing the biggest reduction scheme we have ever had earlier this year. We have also seen partridges on the park a number of times recently and that's the first time in over 16 years. The wooly marauders found a gap, but we hope that they are now fenced out. Cute, but deadly to hostas

One of the biggest rabbit problems is the shallow scoop they dig for droppings. Fill it in, seed it and water carefully and the next morning they have kicked all your good work out of the way. We are trying a new idea.

This isn't a strange idea to replace grass with lego or a large game of tetris, but whilst people can't, unfortunately, drive on their pitches, we thought we would try to exclude the rabbits from areas being recovered.

We have used old fence wire and are trying 7mm and 15mm membranes to keep the blighters out

Fingers crossed!

I have a Covid-19 newspaper delivery round on the morning dog walk, which meanders around Catton and environs leading me on roads and footpaths that I don't usually go on. 

I have been noticing the details in a way I don't always do - the seat without the view,

the perfect jewel-like sedum growing in the wall

The gatepost

Of course, at this time of year there are lambs.

A tv archeologist at a talk arranged by North Pennines AONB  Partnership a number of years ago said that some of the dry stone walls in our landscape go back thousands of years. When I am in one of those places where you can't see houses and telegraph poles, I sometimes wonder what the view would have looked like in the past, but I do like the juxtaposition of bright colour on the very rural scene; the red,

the blue,

and the yellow.

The world seems very much at a junction in time,

but I asked permission to share this photo (from a number of metres distance and through a window) from the mother and two children in dressing up clothes who did this lovely rainbow on their fence,

and it seems as if there will be blue sky ahead